Electrohome G07 Neck PCB Trimmer Pot Kit

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Electrohome G07 Arcade Monitor Neck PCB Trimmer Pot Kit.  .25 Watt 20% Tolerance Carbon TRIMMER POTENTIOMETERS.  Vertical mount side adjust POTS.  PCB layout is 10mm x 2.5mm.

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Electrohome GO7 Arcade Monitor Neck PCB Trimmer Pot Kit.  .25 Watt 20% Tolerance Carbon TRIMMER POTENTIOMETERS.  Vertical mount side adjust POTS.  PCB layout is 10mm x 2.5mm.  This is the only kit i have ever seen on the market with all the correct fitting 10mm x 2.5mm Pots and ALL the correct values and these are all brand new and not old stock.  This kit includes pots for R105 (R-Drive), R106 (G-Drive), R113 (B-Cutoff), R114 (R-Cutoff), and R115 (G-Cutoff).   Up to 100K cycles mechanical life.  5 Trimmer pots included in kit along with great instructions.

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Weight .094 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .5 in

15 reviews for Electrohome G07 Neck PCB Trimmer Pot Kit

  1. tron guy

    In my opinion this is the single best “upgrade” one can do for a g07 cbo. Having new color adjustment pots makes fine tuning your colors so easy and precise.

  2. Walt (verified owner)

    I finally broke down and bought this kit after messing around with a few stubborn POTS on a recent G07 rebuild. I spent entirely too much time chasing intermittent issues that went bye-bye once I installed this kit. It is worth it!

  3. osver (verified owner)

    The final piece to make my G07 look great.

  4. Scott Goldsmith (verified owner)

    Awesome kit, includes everything you need to replace the pots. They fit perfect and work equally perfect.

  5. jason (verified owner)

    This has become a must when redoing a G07. Nice and easy tpo order all at once and they are great quality pots. WAY better than the originals and much easier to adjust. A no brainer

  6. Sean (verified owner)

    The original pots are garbage after all this time. These are a perfect replacement.

  7. ThatArtGuy (verified owner)

    Big and easy to adjust, this was a simple drop in for the stock parts. Much easier to use.

  8. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    At first I thought I didn’t totally need this. But you know when you’re tearing into a monitor you might as well replace everything that can go bad. Geo sevens are known to have crappy pots . So it would be a sin not to replace them since it’s just a the easiest thing to do. Plus these replacement pots are a thousand times better if you’re on the fence or scared to change pot don’t be you’ll be kicking yourself you’re not doing it earlier

  9. C (verified owner)

    Perfect kit to replace and fix the problematic metal pots

  10. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    I just got some more totally worth it. Your chassis will thank you for buying this. Even if the ones on there are good just a good idea to replace them with sturdy much more reliable parts. You’ll thank yourself down the road

  11. Jess Yi (verified owner)

    Great kit for the G07’s failing original pots. Was able to dial in adjustments perfectly.

  12. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    Highest quality, best service on the planet! Don’t be cheap if you have a g07 that’s giving you trouble it may be the neck board. I’ve had a couple chassis that were just funky, but once I put these kids in it runs like brand new!

  13. Darren Etheridge (verified owner)

    Great replacement Pots. Nice appearance as well.

  14. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    Back yet again! These are not just replacements, but I consider them to be huge upgrades to your chassis. These have saved me so much time from having to mess with the old pots. Plus, with replacing them I have experienced clears up some funky things my chassis do even after a cap kit. Peter is the best and takes care of the community by only sourcing the highest quality components!

  15. Mark Edwards (verified owner)

    Have not installed yet, but this kit looks high quality, looking forward to improving my G07’s color fine tuning.

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