Free $100 Monthly Giveaway

We are giving away $100.00 store credit every month with no expiration of the store credit.  This is for two reasons: first as a thank you to our customers and second also to get feedback/reviews of our products on our site.  This will start for December 2018 and run until we decide to cancel the giveaway.  This will run for all of 2020.

Here are the rules:

1. You must order and pay within the giveaway month.
2. Minimum order of 25.00 (shipping excluded).
3. No limit to the amount of entries (every qualifying order is an entry).
4. You must leave product feedback/comments/reviews on our site.
4A. The feedback has to be on at least one product you purchased. (more is preferable).
4B. Click like it on our site and subscribe to us on YouTube is preferable but not required.
5. We will draw on the 15th of the following month out of all our orders from the previous month and if the winner has a qualifying order and has left reviews/comments/feedback on our site they win if not we will pick again until someone wins.

6. The winner will receive a store credit of 100.00 and it will have no expiration.

7. No ebay store purchases qualify for this giveaway.

8. We reserve the right to edit, change, modify and cancel this give away at any time without notice or obligation for any reason we choose, and all our decisions are final.


December 2018  –  Order 9834 Richard

January 2019  –  Order 10394 William

February 2019  –  Order 10896 Samantha

March 2019  –  Order 11822 John

April 2019  –  Order 12025 Theodore

May 2019  –  Order 12587 Chris

June 2019  –  Order 12746 Sean

July 2019  –  Order 13334 Gus

August 2019  –  Order 13888 Matthew

September 2019  –  Order 14021 Brady

October 2019  – Order 14457 Mark

November 2019  –  Order 14944 Daniel

December 2019  –  Order 15253 Ryan

January 2020  –  Order 18945 Richard

February 2020  –  Order 23255 Sasha

March 2020  –  Order 26032 Michael

April 2020  –  Order 27459 Thomas

May 2020  –  Order 31301 Charles