Wells Gardner K7000 Series Cap Kit 105C Nichicon

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Wells Gardner K7000 Series Cap Kit 105C 100% Nichicon even the Bi-Polars.  “Mega Deluxe Kits”  21 Caps total and the kit includes the 3 Bi-Polar caps and great instructions.

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Wells Gardner K7000 Series 105C 100% Nichicon arcade monitor Cap Kit “Mega Deluxe Cap Kits” 21 Caps total and the kit includes the 3 Bi-Polar caps.  Our kits have some of the BEST quality, low ESR, and longest life capacitors included.  All of our Cap Kits / Get Well Kits include a sticker so you can place it on the monitor to help you keep track of the work you did and when it was done.  Great instructions included.  The K7000 chassis will have alot of different numbers and the kit works for all variations such as P538, P447, 85X0216-001E, 9K7704 and many others.  (This kit will work on the Zenith K7000A arcade monitor chassis also).  NOTE: Filter cap for this chassis is a 560uf 200v and is not included in kit but can be purchased separately on our site. 
This Cap Kit will work for all the below Series of K7000:
  • K70xx
  • K71xx
  • K76xx
  • K78xx
  • K79xx

All skill levels will love this kit because of the BEST quality components and great instructions that come with every kit.

Additional information

Weight .21875 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .75 in

61 reviews for Wells Gardner K7000 Series Cap Kit 105C Nichicon

  1. Walt (verified owner)

    I have installed several of these K7000 cap kits and they all were complete, high quality, and fit well. The instruction sheet is a big help to assure proper placement. A+

  2. gordon (verified owner)

    Great cap kits and super fast shipping. ordered Tuesday and got it Friday… Monitors never looked better…

  3. Samantha E (verified owner)

    I just rebuilt 3 different kinds of 7K monitors with these caps all with different issues. One 7000a, Two k7191’s and one k7000. Amazing results.

  4. John Venetz (verified owner)

    Excellent components and a must have to extend the life of your WG chassis.

  5. squidwardbob (verified owner)

    Very, very nice cap kit. High quality components and instructions were great. All caps were present in the kit and installed very easily. I had an unknown condition K7000 that needed a cap kit badly. This kit resolved all of the quality issues I was having. Highly recommended!

  6. kcase01 (verified owner)

    Best cap kit out there. I used this cap kit before and it works great. Instructions are clear and to the point. I would buy them again with out any 2nd thoughts.

  7. Ricardo Mendonca (verified owner)

    New to arcade repairs. I found the kit to be in good condition. And package good and sent in good condition.

  8. Gus Barrera II (verified owner)

    I have ordered from APAR (Arcade Parts and Repair) before. The orders are shipped fast and always contain quality parts. This cap kit worked great and had great instructions. Also, the website offers a lot of great information for people like myself that are hobbyists and trying to learn.

  9. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    This is the thing I probably order most here but it’s totally worth it. The cap kits are great Easy instructions easy to install great service and high-quality you can’t go wrong

  10. Patrick Worsham (verified owner)

    All kits from this store are well packaged and come with great instructions. The sticker is a nice touch as well. Fast shipping, good prices, no complaints.

  11. Mikey McVey

    Having many games on route you need to save time and money at every chance, These kits help with that tons! proper quality, sheet list with bits of additional info along with fast shipping and great prices

  12. Rs43506 (verified owner)

    I have ordered this kit multiple times. Does the trick every time.

  13. will_tooker (verified owner)

    Recapped a K7000 with some color issues and this kit fixed it right up. Instructions were clear and helpful and like capacitors were bundled together for convenience. I have several more K7000s that need rebuilding, so I’ll be back for more of these.

  14. cklinejr (verified owner)

    Great kit, worked for my K7171

  15. rdudding (verified owner)

    Excellent cap kit!!! It comes with ALL the caps needed and a very helpful set of directions. Highly recommended!!!

  16. TIMOTHY KIELIAN (verified owner)

    Extremely fast shipping. Great kit with great instructions. Thanks

  17. Ryan F (verified owner)

    All high quality components. What sets it apart from competitors is the packaging, labeling and organization; makes recapping easier and instills confidence in the quality of the kit and seller. In the arcade world lots of sloppiness ensues from other sellers, not with arcadepartsandrepair. Great experience.

  18. balsamini (verified owner)

    Nice organized list of contents and special notes with his kits. Thumbs up!

  19. onetoclone (verified owner)

    Quality kits at great prices!

  20. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    Back again because this is a perfect cat kit for your k7000. Highest quality caps and even some with higher ratings than necessary. That’s what I love about Peter and arcade Parts is they take care of you. Worth every penny

  21. AlexZander (verified owner)

    Excellent quality capacitor kit.
    Appreciate the helpful instructions.

    I was able to get a Zenith K7000a working again!


  22. grinwing (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping. Quality kit! A must to help your aging monitor.

  23. delusional29 (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered many of these. They all work great with clear instructions. Quality Nichicon caps too.

  24. Stephen Wallenhaupt (verified owner)

    I have done re-caps on several monitor chassis, but this is the first time I have used the WG K7000 Series cap kit. The 105c Nichicon caps are high quality and the cap kit is more complete than those available from others; it includes the full set of electrolytic caps and the bipolars. The information provided with the kit is very helpful. I would definitely recommend this kit.

  25. chris orman (verified owner)

    Very well organized kit , excellent quality caps , the daye sticker is a great bonus

  26. Co (verified owner)

    Great kit , super fast shipping , the only place to buy cap kits!

  27. Jason Hoodenpyle (verified owner)

    I only buy cap kits here. The best hands down, and quick shipping too!

  28. Patrick Worsham (verified owner)

    Simply the best kit. Contains even the bi-polar caps that many kits leave out. Great instructions and even a little label to put on the chassis to note the date of service. And if that wasn’t enough, about the same price as any cheapo ebay kit!

  29. Cg (verified owner)

    Great kit , the list and sticker are a real plus!

  30. Charlie Pyne (verified owner)

    All the caps you need !

  31. cklinejr (verified owner)

    Another great cap kit.

  32. Justin Ryan (verified owner)

    Great kit with fast shipping. The best costumer service out there.

  33. Scuba King

    Always perfect. Will use again, and again, and again.

  34. Ed Owens (verified owner)

    Great kit, installed and spruced up my monitor, I did find a few caps on my chassis that were not in the kit but overall i am happy with the results.

  35. cireone (verified owner)

    Everything worked great as part of my Wells Gardner 19K7915 servicing. Running like a champ! Excellent customer service to make the experience even Better!

  36. Troy Gibbs (verified owner)

    Excellent cap kit! Order with confidence!

  37. Daniel McMurtrey (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping!! Great instructions. My Monitor has a great picture now.

  38. Daniel McMurtrey (verified owner)

    Picked up a cab that the owner had removed the flyback 10 years ago. I replaced it and recapped the chassis. Fired right up. Fast shipping.

  39. Jeff Clark (verified owner)

    Best cap kit with the best caps available to date. Easy and simple instructions. I have used dozens of these rebuilding monitors. Don’t forget to get your filter caps too 🙂

  40. Justin (verified owner)

    All caps included, all work flawlessly. What more could you ask for?!

  41. Matt Baile (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased many of these cap kits since I started working on monitors. Each one has always been the same great quality. The instructions are great and I appreciate the consistency. Can’t beat it!

  42. Carl perkins (verified owner)

    Just what the Arcade Dr. Subscribed. Love this guy.

  43. Infa Red (verified owner)

    Very high quality kit. I have installed a few so far and they are complete and the instructions are laid out perfectly ! Can’t go wrong.

  44. Jacob cantu (verified owner)

    K7000 cap kit is packaged very well with easy to follow instructions great quality caps and of the 3 have installed have had no issues with great results.

  45. Sawyer10702 (verified owner)

    I purchased this kit for my Lethal Enforcers. I Had some faint green horizontal lines on screen. Probably from cap C204 on neck board. After soldering all the caps which took about an hour. I put CRT back in and fired it up, with now everything out of wack, i adjusted one pot on the main board has it was now way of range, and a few other adjustments, My picture is crisp and sharp. very pleased with the results. I checked some of my old caps with my ESR meter and a most of them were completely out of range and some were overflow. Just goes to show they might look good on the outside but after many years they are truly no good. Great kit and well worth every penny at a great price compared to others. The shipping only took 2 days! They must have a fast horse in Montana.

  46. Robert Balouskus (verified owner)

    Never did a cap kit before this and it turned out to be easy!
    Instructions are very clear and precise, all the parts were there and obviously quality, and I have a monitor that went from vertical collapse to looking beautiful just with this kit!

  47. Infa Red (verified owner)

    Perfect as usual. Amazingly fast shipping

  48. Franco P (verified owner)

    Excellent caps, great quality thank you !!!!

  49. Rick Paravich (verified owner)

    I’ve rebuilt hundreds of monitors in the past couple years, a lot of my buddies always ask me why I buy cap kits and don’t just have caps on hand, we’ll, I don’t have time to fish through all my plastic drawers looking for caps, I love these kits because it has everything I need and you can’t ask for better quality so to me it’s a no brainer, I have a drawer full of cap kits I keep in stock and these guys will always have my business

  50. Sergio Barros (verified owner)

    Arcade Parts and Repair comes through once again with this awesome kit. Easy to follow instructions and complete kit for what you need. Every time I order something from Peter, I always add a couple of cap kits to my order. Can never have enough of these kits around. Highly recommended!!

  51. Mark Alley (verified owner)

    Great quality cap kit that you will find to be complete and with good, clear instructions. It’s hard to mess it up if you pay attention and mark off the caps as you go on the provided sheet. I recommend it without reservation.

  52. Robert Hassard (verified owner)

    Good Instructions and really fast shipping. Great quality also. This site is my go to for reliable parts and if I ever have a question, they are extremely helpful and reply quickly.

  53. Hector Garcia

    High quality components, great instructions, and fast shipping.

  54. Jay Hall (verified owner)

    I’ve tried all of the big parts houses, this is the easiest best cap kit I’ve found. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us and staying up on changes to the engineering!

  55. Anthony R (verified owner)

    Best cap kit on the market! Very easy to install and has super high quality parts!

  56. Brandon Booth (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly! Got this along with a replacement flyback and together brought my K7191 back to life (it had just had VERY bad flyback arcing s few days ago). Super appreciate the detailed list that comes with the pack as well, and many helpful tips.

  57. Anthony R (verified owner)

    I bought yet another one of these kits! Awesome quality!

  58. ida34 (verified owner)

    Great kit and prompt shipping as always.

  59. Edward Werner (verified owner)

    I’ve used several of these kits to bring k7000 series monitors back to spec. Super easy with the instructions.

  60. Michael McMaster (verified owner)

    Perfection! Thank you again! Super fast shipping!

  61. Dneuman302 (verified owner)

    Quality components at a great price! Fast shipment. Arcadepartsandrepair is the best.

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