A-29951B Electrohome GO7 Flyback

(16 customer reviews)


Electrohome G07 13″ and 19″ NEW flyback transformer.

858 in stock (can be backordered)


Electrohome GO7 series 13″ and 19″ NEW flyback transformer.  If this flyback is used on a 13″ monitor you may have too large of a picture, but there is no 13″ specific flyback on the market being reproduced so if you use this on a 13″ monitor you may possibly have to modify the chassis circuitry only on the 13 inch chassis.  used on G07-CBO, G07-CAO and G07-FBO.

Additional information

Weight .9375 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in

16 reviews for A-29951B Electrohome GO7 Flyback

  1. tron guy

    I have bought over 100 of the g07 flybacks. They are without a doubt the highest quality g07 flyback available.

  2. impressivevideoar@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    I have replaced many of these and this distributor has the best I have ever gotten.

    I had one arrive damaged, and he took care of it immediately!

  3. dont1836 (verified owner)

    As others have stated this is the best G07 flyback on the market and I have tried several.

    Good product + good service = great place to do buisness with.

  4. raxnahali (verified owner)

    No issues, worked great!

  5. Edwoodjnr (verified owner)

    Great flybacks, I have ordered a few of these with no issues at all, buy with confidence.

    Always great service and quick delivery to the U.K.

  6. Doug Fennell (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality flyback. Everything’s in spec, no issues. Buy with confidence.

  7. Eric Cointech (verified owner)

    purchased many. no problems.
    plus I always get fast shipping

  8. Spunky_Bruiser (verified owner)

    Reflowed every last thing on the monitor chassis, new caps, new fuse forgot to order the flyback for it and guess what, it blew another fuse. Ordered this flyback and that beauty fired right up without any problems. I will need to rebuild another one very soon and next time, I will not forget to order one of these.

  9. sleftwich (verified owner)

    I have purchased multiple G07 (among other) flybacks from Arcade Parts & Repair. Top notch products and top notch service. Peter goes above and beyond to answer any questions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  10. Spunky_Bruiser (verified owner)

    I picked up 3 more, but the only one I installed so far worked great and brought back another dead chassis. The old ones might look fine, but they seem to be the problem I have been running into on DOA chassis.

  11. jeff dershak (verified owner)

    Well what can I say PacMac is back up and running. I had attempted this fix with a competitors product and received
    a DOA flyback (Annoying). Thank you for providing a reliable product.

  12. Sean (verified owner)

    Great part shipped fast, thanks from Canada!!!

  13. BulkOfTheSeries (verified owner)

    This is THE place to get reliable flybacks, thank you thank you thank you

  14. pelly22 (verified owner)

    This flyback helped me get my G07 back up and running. Great service and shipping out to Australia!

  15. Steve Mancusi (verified owner)

    The flyback is a perfect replacement for my GO7, plan to order more. Shipping was so fast, ordered on a Friday afternoon and had it Monday.

  16. Mike (verified owner)

    New flyback (grey) design is great. Heavier duty housing holds up better.

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