A-29951B Electrohome GO7 Flyback

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Electrohome G07 13″ and 19″ NEW flyback transformer.  INSTALLATION NOTES: Make sure you route the white wire on the new flyback through the body of the flyback like on the old flyback and then cut the white wire to the length needed before soldering it to the adjustment block.  If you leave the white wire extra long and don’t cut the excess off it can cause arcing or other problems.

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Electrohome GO7 series 13″ and 19″ NEW flyback transformer.  If this flyback is used on a 13″ monitor you may have too small of a picture, but there is no 13″ specific flyback on the market being reproduced so if you use this on a 13″ monitor you may possibly have to modify the chassis circuitry only on the 13 inch chassis.  used on G07-CBO, G07-CAO and G07-FBO.  INSTALLATION NOTES: Make sure you route the white wire on the new flyback through the body of the flyback like on the old flyback and then cut the white wire to the length needed before soldering it to the adjustment block.  If you leave the white wire extra long and don’t cut the excess off it can cause arcing or other problems.

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Weight .9375 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in

50 reviews for A-29951B Electrohome GO7 Flyback

  1. tron guy

    I have bought over 100 of the g07 flybacks. They are without a doubt the highest quality g07 flyback available.

  2. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I have replaced many of these and this distributor has the best I have ever gotten.

    I had one arrive damaged, and he took care of it immediately!

  3. dont1836 (verified owner)

    As others have stated this is the best G07 flyback on the market and I have tried several.

    Good product + good service = great place to do buisness with.

  4. raxnahali (verified owner)

    No issues, worked great!

  5. Edwoodjnr (verified owner)

    Great flybacks, I have ordered a few of these with no issues at all, buy with confidence.

    Always great service and quick delivery to the U.K.

  6. Doug Fennell (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality flyback. Everything’s in spec, no issues. Buy with confidence.

  7. Eric Cointech (verified owner)

    purchased many. no problems.
    plus I always get fast shipping

  8. Spunky_Bruiser (verified owner)

    Reflowed every last thing on the monitor chassis, new caps, new fuse forgot to order the flyback for it and guess what, it blew another fuse. Ordered this flyback and that beauty fired right up without any problems. I will need to rebuild another one very soon and next time, I will not forget to order one of these.

  9. sleftwich (verified owner)

    I have purchased multiple G07 (among other) flybacks from Arcade Parts & Repair. Top notch products and top notch service. Peter goes above and beyond to answer any questions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  10. Spunky_Bruiser (verified owner)

    I picked up 3 more, but the only one I installed so far worked great and brought back another dead chassis. The old ones might look fine, but they seem to be the problem I have been running into on DOA chassis.

  11. jeff dershak (verified owner)

    Well what can I say PacMac is back up and running. I had attempted this fix with a competitors product and received
    a DOA flyback (Annoying). Thank you for providing a reliable product.

  12. Sean (verified owner)

    Great part shipped fast, thanks from Canada!!!

  13. BulkOfTheSeries (verified owner)

    This is THE place to get reliable flybacks, thank you thank you thank you

  14. pelly22 (verified owner)

    This flyback helped me get my G07 back up and running. Great service and shipping out to Australia!

  15. Steve Mancusi (verified owner)

    The flyback is a perfect replacement for my GO7, plan to order more. Shipping was so fast, ordered on a Friday afternoon and had it Monday.

  16. Mike (verified owner)

    New flyback (grey) design is great. Heavier duty housing holds up better.

  17. Eric Cointech (verified owner)

    Another Happy Transaction. Great Price and Fast Shipping

  18. Matt Majewski (verified owner)

    Works perfectly, best flyback available for the G07.

  19. fritz ladwig (verified owner)

    The flyback worked great and was a high quality part. I’ve had nothing less than great transactions from arcadepartsandrepair.

  20. Daniel Keizer (verified owner)

    Just started using arcade parts. Was purchasing from Russell industries, but they can no longer supply. The quality looks good so far , but only time will tell….Shipping is very fast and like that they accept Paypal…Thanks

  21. Daniel Keizer (verified owner)

    This is my third wells flyback in 2 weeks. Great quality, good price and seems like nice place to deal with… Thanks

  22. Mike (verified owner)

    best source for these flybacks and they stand behind their product

  23. Michael Behr (verified owner)

    Just bought more. I should start buying 10 or 20 at a time it seems. These work great to replace OEM.

  24. Patrick B. (verified owner)

    Buy this one, as it’s a tried & true replacement. Fast shipping too!

  25. Matt (verified owner)

    Solid replacement!

  26. Mike (verified owner)

    I’ve lost track how may G07 flybacks I’ve purchased from this store. Good product and no issues whatsoever.

  27. Djones26 (verified owner)

    Quality replacement an automatic when ever I see an old flyback on a go7 .

  28. sean dotson (verified owner)

    Great Quality… I have never received a bad G07 Flyback from this parts supplier

  29. Eric Hazen (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly, customer is happy!

  30. MrWizzrd (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed to stop blowing fuses after a cap kit and get my monitor working again. A great product from a trusted source.

  31. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    Beautiful looking replacement. Fit my board perfectly, Speedy service and delivery. All around awesome experience and great product for your go7

  32. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    Got another and worth every penny! Perfect fit and high quality! Awesome seller to boot :)!

  33. Kevin P (verified owner)

    Fast ship! Worked great!

  34. cklinejr (verified owner)

    Great G07 replacement Flyback.

  35. Jeffrey Muzingo (verified owner)

    Great part, fast delivery. Could ask for anything better.

  36. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    Like quite a few people here I keep coming back to these because it’s extremely high-quality oh, I wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else. Amazing service. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a fly back for that g07. Your chassis will love you!

  37. Scott C (verified owner)

    It’s time to bring back several dead G07, so time to put my order in with arcadepartsandrepair. Like their other products, these are quality Electrohome G07 flybacks. While arcadepartsandrepair only supplies quality G07 flybacks, unlike the other guy, I know if I have a problem that Peter will stand behind it. 🙂

  38. Justin (verified owner)

    No issues! Ms Pac-Man is back and looking beautiful!

  39. AlexZander (verified owner)

    Another Electrohome G07-CBO monitor chassis will have several more years of use thanks to arcadepartsandrepair cap kits and flyback transformer.

  40. Jess Yi (verified owner)

    The reviews don’t lie. Replaced the original flyback in my GO7 CA1 and this worked like a charm.

  41. Jonathan Koolpe (verified owner)

    So glad that these are still available. Work perfectly from this very trusted source!

  42. Michael Patterson (verified owner)

    Used for a G07 in a Ms. Pac Man. Works great!

    (did have to do some minor straightening of the pins, but hardly anything to mark the product down on)

  43. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    Probably the greatest single item I’ve ever bought from arcade parts and repair. If you’re doing a cap kit replacing this is a must! It’s really easy to install once you get the old one off, even if you’re chassis is doing okay eventually the old one is going to fail so if you’re working on it anyways you might as well get yourself a brand new fly back. Just take a look at how many awesome reviews it gets, no need to go anywhere else.

  44. Braydun (verified owner)

    Great quality as always, made restoring my G07 a breeze. Never order from anywhere else but arcadepartsandrepair!

  45. John V (verified owner)

    this flyback, plus a cap kit, got my non-working G07 going again. Thank you APAR!

  46. felinfoel (verified owner)

    I have a “do it once, do it right” mindset when I restore a monitor. On that note: I always replace the flyback when I recap a G07 (and I also reflow all connectors). The original flybacks were low quality and fail frequently (often in spectacular fashion). These modern replacements have never let let me down.

  47. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    It is absolutely the highest quality G07 flyback Out there! These monitors are much older. Then we may think siri set time to get yourself a new fly back, especially if yours looks cracked or is having problems, and this is the place to get it!

  48. Kustomcade (verified owner)

    I’ve bought 5 of these 2 on one order and 3 in a recent order, now I have 5 G07 back to life and happy customers, these things are so easy to install and work like a charm, never had an issue, it’s nice to be able to buy quality parts you can rely on time and time again

  49. Mike (verified owner)

    Best parts around. Buy with confidence.

  50. Jim Francis (verified owner)

    I’m a tech and these are going on the shelf for future repairs. Everything I’ve bought here has worked out just fine. I trust this site.

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