053X0437-02 Wells Gardner 6100 Flyback

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053X0437-02 Flyback Transformer.  Wells Gardner New aftermarket 6100 color vector flyback T900.

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053X0437-02 Flyback Transformer.  Wells Gardner New aftermarket K6100 color vector flyback T900.

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Weight .9375 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in

4 reviews for 053X0437-02 Wells Gardner 6100 Flyback

  1. BB (verified owner)

    Fixed my 6100 HV board! But had to bend the pins slightly to get it in. Plastic control panel also fit on a little wonky. Maybe there are imperial-metric conversions to blame?

    • security0001

      All pins on flybacks tend to need a slight bending to fit perfectly which is normal on all types of flybacks but these work perfectly when installed.

  2. mvette (verified owner)

    Have not installed but it is clear that it is well made and my complete order was delivered within days of placing it.

    Awesome job, Arcade Parts & Repair!

  3. Robert Balouskus (verified owner)

    Trying to build out a repro HV board?
    Well here you go.
    I have 2 originals and this looks like it is better quality than those and will last longer.

  4. John Hopper (verified owner)

    I had two HV cages that were rebuilt and although they worked there was still some very small image issues.

    I then bought and installed two of these new flybacks and focus blocks and now the images are perfect!
    These are worth every penny and I consider them a fantastic deal. You couple that with great customer service and fast shipping and this place is fantastic!

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