Electrohome G07 Main PCB Trimmer Pot Kit

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Electrohome G07 Arcade Monitor Main PCB Trimmer Pot Kit.  .25 Watt 20% Tolerance Carbon TRIMMER POTENTIOMETERS.  Vertical mount side adjust POTS.  PCB layout is 10mm x 2.5mm.

190 in stock (can be backordered)


Electrohome GO7 Arcade Monitor Main PCB Trimmer Pot Kit.  .25 Watt 20% Tolerance Carbon TRIMMER POTENTIOMETERS.  Vertical mount side adjust POTS.  PCB layout is 10mm x 2.5mm.  This is the only kit i have ever seen on the market with all the correct fitting 10mm x 2.5mm Pots and ALL the correct values and these are all brand new and not old stock.  This kit includes pots for R406 (Vertical Linearity), R408 (Vertical Height), R422 (Vertical Hold), R504 (Horizontal Frequency).   Up to 100K cycles mechanical life.  4 Trimmer pots included in kit along with great instructions.

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Weight .094 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .375 in

17 reviews for Electrohome G07 Main PCB Trimmer Pot Kit

  1. tron guy

    These pots are perfect. They are perfect drop ins with screw-driver adjustment hole.

    Every g07 should have these.

  2. Walt (verified owner)

    This kit worked perfectly for me and fit great. These are so much better than the originals! I will be using this kit in all my G07 rebuilds going forward.

  3. osver (verified owner)

    The final piece to make my G07 look great.

  4. Scott Goldsmith (verified owner)

    Another awesome pot kit for the G07. Fits perfect and work great. Much easier to adjust and get just right vs the original pots.

  5. Matt Majewski (verified owner)

    All fit and worked perfectly!

  6. Kyle (verified owner)

    Easy to install and work great.

  7. Dino Gambone (verified owner)

    Much better Pots than the original G07. Replacing the originals is straight forward and easy for anyone who’s done basic work on monitors.

  8. Sean (verified owner)

    Key to refreshing these monitor chassis is replacing the worn out pots. None of the ones on my chassis would adjust anymore without WILD changes on the screen. These sorted that out.

  9. ThatArtGuy (verified owner)

    Just like the neckboard pots, these are simple drop-ins and are much easier to adjust and use.

  10. aramis (verified owner)

    I’m thinking that I’m going to use these on every G07 I rebuild from now on. After I removed the old ones, and tried to read them (to set the new ones “about right”), I was surprised how flaky the old ones can be. It explains why they were so sensitive and hard to properly adjust.

  11. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    Once again perfect product I don’t have to go hunting around on the internet I can just go straight to Arcade parts and repair and they’re going to have exactly what I need thankfully these pots are perfect and really do you add life and value to the machine

  12. C (verified owner)

    Perfect kit to fix and replace the problematic metal pots

  13. John D Berzsenyi (verified owner)

    Very handy kit to replace the potentiometers in my chassis

  14. Patrick B. (verified owner)

    This is a great update to do on your G07CB0….and this is the perfect kit for it. These pots are impressive and come with easy to follow instructions…but with confidence.

  15. Dan Jacobson (verified owner)

    Great kit to replace those old crusty pots on you G07. Don’t be a bonehead like me, remember to order the B+ pot – it isn’t part of this kit!

  16. Jeff Roenning (verified owner)

    Excellent kit! Saves me the time of trying to individually source each one. High quality.

  17. Jess Yi (verified owner)

    Great kit for the G07’s failing original pots. Was able to dial in adjustments perfectly.

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