Mica Silicone Insulator TO-220 Package (5 Pieces)

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Mica Silicone Transistor Insulator TO-220 Package (5 pieces).

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Mica Silicone Transistor Silpads Insulator TO-220 Package (gray or blue) (5 pieces).  For every quantity of 1 added to your cart you will receive 5 thermal insulators.

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Weight .015625 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .125 in

1 review for Mica Silicone Insulator TO-220 Package (5 Pieces)

  1. Moddage (verified owner)

    These seem to work well. They also work just fine for the TO-202 transistors on the WG6100 deflection board even though they don’t need electrical isolation, these are easier and no mess compared to using thermal grease. One set of 5 is enough for all 4 deflection transistors and the TO-220 transistor on the WG6100 HV cage.

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