5mm PCB Mount Fuse Clips (side to side leads) (2 Piece Set) (FH1005)

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5mm PCB Mount Fuse Clips 2AG (side to side leads) (2 Piece Set) (FH1005).  Electrohome G07 F901 and F902 Fuse Clips.

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5mm PCB Mount Fuse Clips 2AG (side to side leads) (2 Piece Set) (FH1005).  These are needed for the Electrohome GO7 F901 or F902 locations and these have the fuse clip leads on the two outer sides of the fuse clip instead of the standard front and back leads.  These fuse clips have ears to help hold the fuses better then others.  Most PCB’s have front and back leads and don’t use this style of mounting.  If using these on a G07 monitor chassis you must use the appropriate 5x15mm or 4.5x15mm fuses.   For every quantity of 1 added to your cart you will receive 2 fuse clips.  This is the fuse for the GO7 that is needed with these clips in location F901 Click Here to be directed to the fuse.


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Weight .03125 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .375 × .375 in

13 reviews for 5mm PCB Mount Fuse Clips (side to side leads) (2 Piece Set) (FH1005)

  1. Scott Goldsmith

    These work perfect, much easier to manage the fuse with the holder vs the original soldered in fuse. A must have!

  2. jason (verified owner)

    fits perfectly – the fuse holder is a nice addition over a soldered in fuse

  3. AlexZander (verified owner)

    Fit just right on the G07. Sturdy and tight fit for the fuse.

  4. Steve Mancusi (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for the G07. If you’ve got it out to work on highly recommend adding the fuse holders instead of having to use the soldered in fuses.

  5. Robert Khoury (verified owner)

    Excellent alternative to original leaded fuses. Website documentation is second to none.

  6. josh s (verified owner)

    Man these are great! Soldered fuses in the GO7… what were they thinking? These get you ez changing… the slots are even already on the boards I did!

  7. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    As mentioned by everyone before this is a great little item to replace the pigtail fuses. Make sure you did the proper fuses for this you can’t use super large ones. But these work great for go7 and other monitors

  8. Scott C (verified owner)

    I did not even know arcadepartsandrepair sold these until Peter informed me. Excellent! Thanks, Peter. I have no doubt they will be the same high quality as the other parts I have received from him.

  9. Jeremy Reichmanner (verified owner)

    Great fuse holder clips. Nice upgrade from the solder in fuses

  10. felinfoel (verified owner)

    Pigtail fuses are a PITA. Replacing them is part of my standard operating procedure for recapping a GO7. These clips are perfect.

  11. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    Great for the GO7. I also used in an old Hitachi TV. Took a little effort on the TV but works like a charm. Great to have on hand for small radios and other appliances.
    Honestly, you should just grab a few sets as you will need it for more than just GO7’s 🙂

  12. Kaioken (verified owner)

    These are wonderful and a breeze to install during a recap on any G07. I highly recommend getting these if you’re already doing work on a G07 board.

  13. KenM (verified owner)

    Holders fit perfectly in the alternate holes on the 19″ G0&-CBO.

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