H1812 (D1059)


Varo H1812 High Voltage Rectifier Diode, (D1059).

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Varo H1812 High Voltage Rectifier Diode, (D1059).  Designed for B & W TV High Voltage Rectifier up to 20 kVDC CRT Voltage, Avalanche Quality Rectifier Junctions, Molding Material Rated UL 94 V-O, Uniform Chip-to-Chip Recovery, Low RFI in TV Circuits and Platinum Doped.  These Diodes are used on Black and White Electrohome G05-802 / G05-805 at D904 (28-42-01 or 28-48-01) arcade monitor chassis.  If your monitor is blooming (image getting larger then smaller over and over then your diode could be bad or your diode may just have a poor connection.  Either way you MUST clean the leads, springs and all parts prior to install to make sure you get a perfect connection otherwise you can burn up this new diode and don’t forget to set your high voltage when done installing otherwise you can get premature failure.  The H1812 is higher rated and can replace the H1802 diodes.

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