.1uF 1600V Axial Capacitor (MC1037)

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.1uF 1600V Axial Polypropylene Capacitor.  This is to replace the paper capacitor on a Wells Gardner K4600 and K4700 Series monitor chassis location C621.

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.1uF 1600V Axial Polypropylene Capacitor (MC1037).  This is to replace the paper capacitor on a Wells Gardner K4600 and K4700 Series monitor chassis location C621.  .1uF 1.6kV  This is a 105C and 10% tolerance capacitor so its much better then the original and i recommend replacement when you do a cap kit because of its age.

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Weight .0468 lbs
Dimensions 3 × .5 × .5 in

15 reviews for .1uF 1600V Axial Capacitor (MC1037)

  1. delusional29 (verified owner)

    This is a must when recapping your k4600 chassis. I wish it had come with the cap kit to make it complete. Perhaps the description can be updated in the cap kit to suggest this part.

  2. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    When you’re fixing your K 4600 you absolutely need to get this replace that old crappy paper capacitor garbage. Your monitor will love you for it! Nothing like high quality 🙂

  3. Todd Smith (verified owner)

    Great Product. We have not had any troubles out of them thus far.

  4. geech (verified owner)

    This already helped my previous 4600, time for another in a new one. Thanks Peter!

  5. Jason (verified owner)

    Placed an order for multiple caps and kits. This was purchased in that order for my 4600 rebuild. Great price on quality cap. This is my go to place for arcade repair parts.

  6. Anna (verified owner)

    a useful addition when getting the k4600 cap kit, if you want to be thorough.

  7. AlexZander (verified owner)

    Thanks for stocking this capacitor. I have several K4600 monitors and want to keep them working for years to come.

  8. TimB (verified owner)

    A good replacement for the paper cap in a K4600 series. An even better replacement for a 40 yr old paper cap in a K4600 series.

  9. Jeff Kinder (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  10. m1interactive (verified owner)

    Works perfectly!

  11. JAMES XAVIER (verified owner)

    Perfect fit – Thank you as always!!

  12. David Jones (verified owner)

    The link from the K4600 cap kit to this cap is very helpful in completing a rebuild on you chassis. It is a must have! Always highest quality parts.

  13. Tanner Walters (verified owner)

    The kit worked as described. A breeze to install with the right YouTube videos. Will be buying from here again!

  14. Scott Caldwell (verified owner)

    Excellent replacement part for your troublesome K4600/K4700.

  15. Robert Lackey (verified owner)

    Recapped my k4600 and then this one went out great product over the original paper one

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