Nintendo PP-7B Power Supply Cap Kit Including 2 Filter Caps 105C Nichicon

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Nintendo PP-7B Power Supply Cap Kit Including 2 Filter Caps 105C 100% Nichicon.  “Mega Deluxe Kits”

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Nintendo PP7B Switching Power Supply Cap Kit Including 2 Filter Caps 105C 100% Nichicon.  “Mega Deluxe Cap Kits”  This kit has the BEST quality, low ESR, and longest life capacitors included.  This Cap Kit / Get Well Kit has been built to fit original cap size, and lead spacing on the larger caps so the install is a great fit and your caps sit on the PCB properly.  These power supplies are found in many Nintendo Arcade Games such as Donkey Kong, Playchoice 10, Donkey Kong Junior, Donkey Kong 3, Mario Bros., Nintendo VS. UniSystem and many others.  The kit includes 27 capacitors total.  Includes great instructions.  All of our Cap Kits include a sticker so you can place it on the power supply to help you keep track of the work you did and when it was done.

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Weight .4375 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1.5 in

12 reviews for Nintendo PP-7B Power Supply Cap Kit Including 2 Filter Caps 105C Nichicon

  1. Matt Majewski (verified owner)

    Exact size and type of caps needed. Made installation straight forward. Recommended!

  2. Phillip A Huddy (verified owner)

    Great kit! I’ve bought two. Watch where you remove the caps. There is an error on one of the boards that incorrectly lists a C2x cap as C2.

  3. sean dotson (verified owner)

    Great value for how many caps you get… Highly recommended for your Nintendo power supply

  4. bruce092873 (verified owner)

    I just have to say that I’ve been dealing with Pete for a while and every product has always arrived exactly as described! I live in Pennsylvania and after ordering this cap kit, I said to my girlfriend I couldn’t believe how quickly I receive his products! Always within 2 days. I ordered it in the morning and he had it shipped out that afternoon. Great company to deal with!

  5. Ryan (verified owner)

    Well organized, labelled and professionally presented. Very well done cap kit for my DK power supply.

  6. Kyle Belcher (verified owner)

    Complete kit with great instructions. Still having some issues with other components. Reached out to support and he gave me some ideas on things to check. Ordering more parts from here. Very reasonable pricing, great customer service, and speedy shipping!

  7. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    Another perfect capacitor kit. What I like about this is you get to good filter caps with it. Not just a couple of cheap caps like with other places. You might as well just get the best Here and Now. Had a power supply causing issues on my Donkey Kong jr. Cocktail and this capacitor kit fixed it in a Jiff

  8. James Barry (verified owner)

    Perfecto. Well laid out kit colors are back to normal

  9. Matt (verified owner)

    Perfect! Exactly what I needed 🙂

  10. rogerxy (verified owner)

    Well organized kit with high quality components combined with excellent customer service. There’s a reason why I keep coming back to this site!

  11. Kirk W. (verified owner)

    Great value with top notch capacitors. Fixed my issue and everything is back to normal. Feels good not to have to worry about the power supply for a while.

  12. [email protected] (verified owner)

    What do you do when you have a DK power supply that is original and not producing good voltage? You put it on the bench, troubleshoot, and install a full cap kit from Arcade Parts and Repair. It’s a high quality kit and brought my DK PS back.

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