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NPN LF Audio Frequency General Purpose Amplifier TO-92 Package.  Electrohome GO7.

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2SC1815 / KSC1815 NPN LF Audio Frequency General Purpose Amplifier TO-92 Package.  Electrohome G07 Chassis X701, X101, X103, X105, X304, X301, X305, X302, X306 & Wells Gardner K4600 & K4700 at TR302, TR303, TR304, TR307, TR308, TR353, TR501 Wells Gardner K4900 at Q201, Q202, Q206, Q207, Q208, Q209, Q210 and Q301 & Sanyo 20EZ (99-160513 & 99-160015) at TR204, TR205, TR206, TR207, TR208, TR210 and TR301 and many more locations and other monitors.  The 2SC1815 C1815 can sub for the 2SC1685, 2SC1685(R), 2SC454, 2SC1740Q, 2SC1740R, 2SC1740, 2SC536NP and 2SC2458.  Wells Gardner k4600/k4700 has TR303 listed as 2SA1740 but its misspelled and should be 2SC1740 so the 2SC1815 is the correct replacement for it.  Wells Gardner k4900 has Q209, Q210 and Q301 listed as 2SC1851GR but its misspelled and should be 2SC1815 so this 2SC1815 is the correct replacement for it.

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Dimensions 1 × .25 × .25 in

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  1. balsamini (verified owner)

    Descriptions are great with cross references of the part I need and often the part number silk screened on the chassis!

  2. felinfoel (verified owner)

    I had two sets of Donkey Kong PCBs that were making the infamous “whirring” sound, where the opening analog sounds kept echoing over and over. Used these transistors to replace Q4 on each CPU board, which fixed the problem.

  3. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    Great component for go7 repairs. I suggest getting a few of them just to have as backup cuz that monitor uses a few of these

  4. mjc271 (verified owner)

    Descriptions with cross referencing is great. exactly what was needed.

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