053X0528-001 Wells Gardner K7000 Series Flyback

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Wells Gardner K7000 Series Flyback Transformer 053X-0528-001  this works for the 13″, 19″ and 25″ monitor chassis.

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Wells Gardner K7000 Series Flyback Transformer 053X0528-001  this works for the 13″, 19″ and 25″ standard resolution monitor chassis.  May sub on the K7201 for the 053X0641-001.  The new flyback has two red wires and the smaller diameter red wire goes to the single pin post on the neck board and the larger diameter red wire goes to the white neck board socket.  Original flybacks may have a number of TLF09-04 and this replaces that flyback.

Series these fit include:
  • K70xx
  • K71xx
  • K76xx
  • K78xx
  • K79xx

NOTE: This flyback may not successfully work on the Medium Resolution K7000 Chassis.  Some customers report it works and others have reported it doesn’t work.  We have not tested it on Medium Resolution K7000 chassis but will in the future and post our results here when we have confirmed either way.

Additional information

Weight .750 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in

34 reviews for 053X0528-001 Wells Gardner K7000 Series Flyback

  1. tron guy

    5 stars

  2. Walt (verified owner)

    I have installed several of these flybacks and have had a 100% success rate to date. Excellent quality replacement!

  3. Samantha E (verified owner)

    Capped 2 k7191’s and both had cracked flybacks. One was to a light gun game that was so dark it could not register shots. New caps and this flyback made that game look amazing. Top of the line.

  4. Tony Ragusa (verified owner)

    I was having Issues with my original Flyback. The new one was easy to install, and my monitor is up and running again. Great product!

  5. John Venetz (verified owner)

    High quality flyback, a perfect replacement if you’re having brightness/focus issues.

  6. Matt Majewski (verified owner)

    Installed this about a year ago onto my k7000 and I’ve had zero problems with it. Highly recommended!

  7. Rodney Minch (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased several K7000 flybacks from Arcade Parts and Repair and they all have worked perfectly. Many of the monitors I repair are in games on location so they are on 12-13 hours every day. This is the only place I purchase cap kits and flybacks from. Highly recommend.

  8. Spunky_Bruiser (verified owner)

    Awesome flybacks and work very well. I have not had any issues with the 4 I replaced with this product.

  9. Anselmo Moreno (verified owner)

    These flybacks are a perfect fit for the common k7000 chassis. I have installed 3 of them and they are excellent!

  10. Ricardo Mendonca (verified owner)

    Excellent replacement for K7000 Chasis.

  11. Jonathan Deans (verified owner)

    Just installed this k7000 fly back , works perfectly and as always with Arcade Parts and Repair it arrived two days after ordering.

  12. paul Juray

    great flyback, bought many from Peter. they go right in, solder and done.

  13. raxnahali (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Perfect replacement for my arcade monitors!

  14. Matthew Smith (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly to rejuvenate my K7000 19” monitor!

  15. Richard (verified owner)

    Fast order processing and the right, high quality. part for the job. Thanks.

  16. will_tooker (verified owner)

    Installed one of these on a K7000 and it fixed some pretty bad focus issues very nicely; I have several more K7000s to rebuild, and this will be at the top of my list.

  17. Red_sox_papi (verified owner)

    I trust all the parts from this site. I’ve installed 4 of these flybacks and haven’t had an issue yet!

    Great quality.

  18. Gto820 (verified owner)

    The best quality k7000 flyback.

  19. balsamini (verified owner)

    Fits right in like a glove!

  20. ParadiseCS (verified owner)

    So far so good. Easy to reinstall and brought back to life my first 25K7197.

  21. Eric Cointech (verified owner)

    Another Happy Transaction. Great Price and Fast Shipping

  22. Jason Hoodenpyle (verified owner)

    The best parts to fix your monitors. Always appreciate the fast shipping too!

  23. Jason Hoodenplye (verified owner)

    Great product to get your monitor back up and running. Thanks for the fast shipping.

  24. James L WOLSKE (verified owner)

    I have probably purchased about 50 fly backs and have not had a problem with any of them or received negative feedback from my customers. Great product and I highly recommend.

  25. Barry Sachs (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Fit perfectly and powered up my monitor with no problems. Easy to focus and adjust screen. Would purchase again

  26. Charlie Pyne (verified owner)

    Colors are now perfect in my failing k7000

  27. Alex MEijer (verified owner)

    Works great on my 13K7201!

  28. Greg J (verified owner)


  29. Julien (verified owner)

    Works 100% as always. I always get my parts from here. Thanks for shipping to Canada.

  30. Mike (verified owner)

    Great replacement for OEM flyback

  31. tvbilld (verified owner)

    Works great no problem.

  32. delusional29 (verified owner)

    I only trust Flybacks bought from here. I’ve had a 100% success rate and all work perfectly. I’ve installed several K7000 flybacks with zero issues from here. Buy with confidence!

  33. Daniel McMurtrey (verified owner)

    Original flyback was cracked . Super easy to swap out with this one. Good instruction on this site with where wires goes where. CRT has a great picture now.

  34. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    Perfect fly back! Mine was cracked and starting to go. There’s no reason to Monkey around with the old one just toss it out and get this. There’s a slightly bigger fly back that Peter also has available but this is the most common one that I’ve seen on k7000 models

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