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Sanken 123v voltage regulator.  Wells Gardner K7000 monitor chassis.  IC4

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Sanken 123v voltage regulator.  Wells Gardner K7000 monitor chassis and used on the 19 inch and smaller chassis.  IC4.  We test each batch of regulators to make sure they regulate at the appropriate voltage since there are so many Fake and reprinted chips on the market being passed off as new original chips.

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Weight .015625 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 × .75 × .25 in

6 reviews for STR30123

  1. Anselmo

    had a monitor that was in high voltage shutdown and this little guy fixed it right up. Exact replacement !

  2. kingdbag (verified owner)

    Legit regulators always work!

  3. Josh manypenny (verified owner)

    As always with any part orderd at this shop works great!

  4. Josh manypenny (verified owner)

    Crazy good my friends!!

  5. Jason Hudgins (verified owner)

    Great fix for my 19” k7000a

  6. Infa Red (verified owner)

    Quality part that matches the original. Works great and ships fast. I always keep these on hand.

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