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LA7833 is a Sanyo Color TV Vertical Deflection Output Circuit, ZIP-7 Package.

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LA7833 is a Sanyo Color TV Vertical Deflection Output Circuit, ZIP-7 Package.  Monolithic linear IC for vertical deflection output for large color television sets that requires few external components and dissipates little power.  The LA7833 can be used to replace the LA7832.  This is used on many arcade monitors such as Wells Gardner K7000.

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Dimensions 1.5 × 1 × .25 in

4 reviews for LA7833

  1. ParadiseCS (verified owner)

    Updating a 25K7197 monitor chasis. Many of the parts are not easy to find OEM matches for. Replaced and works great.

  2. Robert howard (verified owner)

    Worked great. Monitor back up and running

  3. Gto820 (verified owner)

    Perfect Replacement

  4. T (verified owner)

    I received your LA 7833 long before I had taken the unit apart. Had I used it, this would have been going in a 1989 Oldsmobile CRT (Vic) monitor that exhibited the flat horizontal line. (Vertical collapse) However…when i did get the unit apart I should have noticed the coke colored stain on the main circuit board cover that turned out to be the insides of an Elna 100mf 35v 105C capacitor. I bought this car a year ago and have no doubt the chip you sent would have worked…but the LA7830 chip, surrounding caps, components and solder joints all looked fine.
    Thanks for your informative videos and the chip. I should have ordered the capacitor through you folks also…but I live and learn. I will update you when the screen stays vertical.

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