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2SC2688 / C2688 NPN Silicone Transistor,  TO-126 Package.  Color TV chroma output circuits.  Electrohome G07 monitor chassis X901.

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2SC2688 / C2688 NPN Silicone Transistor, TO-126 Package with ECB lead layout.  Color TV chroma output circuits.  Electrohome GO7 monitor chassis X901.  This transistor is higher rated and can be used to replace the 2SC3502, KSC3502E, 2SC4001, 2SC2611, 2SC2371, BF457, BF458 & BF459.  NOTE:  The 2SC2688 can replace the 2SC3788 or the 2SC3956 if you install the 2SC2688 in reverse / opposite the 2SC3788 / 2SC3956 since the 2SC3788 / 2SC2688 has lead layout of BCE and the lead layout of the 2SC2688 is ECB.

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3 reviews for 2SC2688

  1. Mike (verified owner)

    Perfect replacement for X901 in the regulation circuit of my G07 monitor. Fixed my unadjustable b+ issue.

  2. Jared Bresee (verified owner)

    Perfect Replacement for my X 901. The one that was in there was faulty but it acted kind of appropriate while in circuit yes, but just get one of these for X 901 and save yourself headaches! Peter is an awesome seller!

  3. delusional29 (verified owner)

    Great transistor to have on hand for a G07. It can also be reversed for other applications. So it’s a good value.

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