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2SC2068 Toshiba Color TV chroma output.  Wells Gardner K7000 monitor chassis Neck Board Transistors Q201, Q202, Q203.  TO-202 Package.

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2SC2068 Toshiba Color TV chroma output.  Wells Gardner K7000 monitor chassis Neck Board Transistors Q201, Q202, Q203.  TO-202 Package BCE lead layout.  Wells Gardner K4900 neck board at Q401, Q402, Q403.  Wells Gardner K4600 neck board at TR401, TR402, TR403.  The 2SC1514 may sub for the 2SC2068 but not all the other subs the 2SC2068 can sub for.  The 2SC2068 can replace the BF869, BF871 and BF859 if you install the 2SC2068 turned 180 degrees because the lead layout of the 2SC2068 is BCE and the lead layout of the BF869, BF871 and BF859 are ECB.

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Dimensions 1 × .5 × .25 in

4 reviews for 2SC2068

  1. john frejnik (verified owner)

    I am missing green NO More!! Worked Great! k5515 Monitor

  2. Curtislv426 (verified owner)

    I always make sure I’m well stocked on these because the k7000 is my most common monitor and if I ever have a bad chroma transistor I’m ready to go every time

  3. Matt Baile (verified owner)

    Probably the most common fail point for missing colors aside from cold solder joints. I’ve replaced these transistors on multiple neck boards and they have always worked exactly as expected!

  4. Jason Hudgins (verified owner)

    Great for a k7000 Neck board if you’re missing color

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