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200 OHM .15 Watt 20% Carbon TRIMMER POTENTIOMETER (P1023).  Vertical mount side adjust POT.  PCB layout is 5mm x 5mm.

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200 OHM .15 Watt 20% Carbon TRIMMER POTENTIOMETER (P1023).  Vertical mount side adjust POT.  PCB layout is 5mm x 5mm.  Used on Wells Gardner K7500, K7400, U5000, U2000 and these are the exact original pots they came with except these have a screwdriver slot adjustment instead of the knob and some locations are VR521, VR523 and K7000 neck pcb at VR202, VR204, VR206 color drive pots and many other monitor chassis and other applications.  These are the exact fit for the application listed above but can also be used in many other applications where this value of Pot is needed.

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Weight .015625 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .5 in

9 reviews for 200 OHM TRIMMER POTENTIOMETER (P1023)

  1. John Venetz (verified owner)

    Perfect replacement for the original pots on a K7000 neckboard.

  2. kingdbag (verified owner)

    Had a bunch of bad pots on multiple K7000 chassis and these worked perfectly.

  3. delusional29 (verified owner)

    Great replacement. I love how smooth these pots are.

  4. mghiotti (verified owner)

    Perfect for the k7000 neckboard. Very smooth turn and easy to install.

  5. Infa Red (verified owner)

    The best you can get, as usual. God I love this place

  6. Diego Jensen (verified owner)

    I wasnt sure if the color drive pot (200 OHM) was bad, the color cutoff (2k OHM) or the 2SC1569 transistor on one of my k7000s, so I swapped them all out and now my blue is fixed. I can tell which part specifically fixed my issue, but I can always count on high quality parts from here.

  7. Robert Hassard (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for k7000. Came well packaged and labeled.

  8. Jason Hudgins (verified owner)

    Great for a k7000 Neck board and main chassis at VR4

  9. ida34 (verified owner)

    Quality pots for my WG 7400 and fast shipping.

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