G07 Width Coil Alignment Tool

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G07 Width Coil Alignment / Adjustment Nylon Tool.

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G07 Width Coil Alignment / Adjustment Nylon Tool.  This tool is much stronger than the tools in the kits which makes it possible to adjust the stiffer turning Electrohome G07 Slugs in the width coils.  This tools has an overall length of 5 3/8″ and has three tips for adjusting (.078, .10 & .10) which also have a stepped end so the tool won’t drop through the slug like most other tools.  This Plastic type of tool is used on many CRT width coils.  If you have ever had trouble turning a G07 width coil slug than this is the tool you need.

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Weight .015625 lbs
Dimensions 6 × .25 × .25 in

6 reviews for G07 Width Coil Alignment Tool

  1. raxnahali (verified owner)

    Must have for monitor adjustment. Glad you had them in stock.

  2. Kristofer Hansson Aspman (verified owner)

    Great tool! Seems to fit the K4600 width coil as well (at least one the chassis I tested on).

  3. Mike (verified owner)

    Great tool. This is a must have for adjusting width coils. Never use a metal tool!

  4. Dillweed (verified owner)

    An absolute necessity for monitor work. From what I can tell, it works on width coils from very obscure monitors too.

  5. John Rogers (verified owner)

    Quality tool!….Has sizes not included in the crt alignment kit that I have and it had quite a few tools in it.

  6. Djones26 (verified owner)

    Right tool for the right job. Why Chance jacking up a width coil

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