Midway 90414 Power Supply 105C Axial Cap Kit

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Midway A084-90414-C935 arcade Power Supply 105C Axial Cap Kit.  “Mega Deluxe Cap Kits”

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Midway A084-90414-C935 arcade Power Supply 105C Axial Cap Kit.  “Mega Deluxe Cap Kits”  This kit has some of the BEST quality, low ESR, and longest life capacitors.  The kit includes all 4 Axial capacitors total and 3 zip ties for the larger axial capacitors.  All of our Cap Kits include a sticker so you can place it on the power supply to help you keep track of the work you did and when it was done.  Included in this kit are great instructions.

Additional information

Weight .250 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1.25 in

7 reviews for Midway 90414 Power Supply 105C Axial Cap Kit

  1. Braden28 (verified owner)

    Perfect for replacing the old rotted caps on my PS

  2. Steveslotty (verified owner)

    This power supply capacitor kit is very handy.
    I was going crazy trying to find the correct caps.
    I was even contemplating drilling my PCB to use radial capacitors. Would be better if the caps were Panasonic or Nichicon, but Shiangchen caps are alright (brand caps in kit).
    I haven’t had an issue with shiangchen caps yet. I’ve used them before
    I’d for sure buy this kit again.
    Makes life much simpler when dealing with a pcb that has axial capacitors

    • security0001

      Nichicon and Panasonic no longer make electrolytic axial capacitors and you can’t find a better rated axial than ours since we have them made special for us and are a fraction of the price of any other axials that don’t last like our capacitors. Customers and myself both have run these caps hard for many many years without issue or complaint!!

  3. BillyGaines (verified owner)

    Arcade Parts and Repair is the first place I go to when I need parts for any game. When I install a cap kit, flyback or a CPU from Arcade Parts and Repair I know it’s quality. When I have a question Peter always replies in a timely manner.
    Good luck finding some of these parts elsewhere.

  4. Anthony (verified owner)

    Quick shipping internationally, instructions are very easy and descriptive to follow, and comes with everything you could need.
    It even came with new thermal compound and pads for the transistors, and a trimmer pot for 5v.
    No need to stress about polarity or direction of install for components, its all detailed, diodes and all.
    The only thing which needed some persuasion were the cable ties, seemed a size too large, but easy enough to pull firmly through with some needle nose pliers.
    Easy kit to install, considering the PCB is not very small to work on, and came up neat as a pin.

  5. Alan Scott (verified owner)

    What a great surprise to find a source for my old Galaga game power supply and at a great price. Ordering was easy and the parts were delivered very quickly and included everything including thermal paste. The instructions and board layout were perfect. Peter, who helped me with the order, was most helpful also in follow-up emails as I’m a relative novice at this. I also ordered the Mega Deluxe Rebuild kit and the same goes for that. Thank you Peter and Arcade Parts and Repair.

  6. Jeremy Sylvester (verified owner)

    The parts work perfectly to make my galaga game come back to life. They answered my question quickly and got them shipped out fast.

  7. nemike (verified owner)

    Great to see you can still get high quality axial caps including 105C temp! Thanks again for making these parts available!

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