053X0671-001 Wells Gardner K7400 / K7500 Flyback

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053X-0671-001 Wells Gardner K7400 and K7500 series monitor Flyback Transformer NEW.   25″ and 27″ chassis.   Supersedes 053X-0651-001.   If your original flyback has a black wire wrapped around the ferrite core do not transfer to replacement flyback.


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053X0671-001 Wells Gardner K7400 and K7500 series monitor Flyback Transformer NEW.  25″ and 27″ chassis.  Supersedes 053X0651-001.   If your original flyback has a black or brown wire wrapped around the ferrite core do not transfer the wire to the new replacement flyback otherwise you will likely have the left side of the screen missing so remove it.  NOTE:  We have some redesigned flybacks that are made with a dual focus bobbin which we have found to be better, but you only use the top focus pot on it as the middle one is not active nor used.

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Weight .875 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in

22 reviews for 053X0671-001 Wells Gardner K7400 / K7500 Flyback

  1. tron guy

    Top of the line. Highly recommended!

  2. Amills (verified owner)

    Very good replacement, would suggest supplying a card that tells which wire goes were on the neck board.

  3. loganbbrooks (verified owner)

    Quality parts, great service and quick shipping. Buy with confidence.

  4. Pat (verified owner)

    Flyback works great. Note that one of the wires requires a crimp connector to connect to the neck board which isn’t included. I’m not sure if AP&R stocks this connector (if so, would be nice if it was linked here, or included/installed). I ended up cutting the connector from the old flyback and soldering it to the new one.

  5. Eric Cointech (verified owner)

    Another Happy Transaction. Great Price and Fast Shipping

  6. Michael Behr (verified owner)

    Best kits around. Includes the harder to find caps that others leave out of their kits.

  7. Michael Behr (verified owner)

    Another reviewer mentioned needing a crimp connector, which would make it same as OEM. But since replacing the flyback is not a routine thing, you can just desolder and remove the post for the G2 wire from the neckboard, fish the G2 wire from the flyback through the hole, and solder in place.

  8. Monty Tatom (verified owner)

    Fast shipping. Good quality flyback. Easy install. Great picture. Highly recommend.

  9. tvbilld (verified owner)

    Ordered two of these for stock. Have not used one of them yet. Previous experience from several othered from other vendors they may or may not be a good match. some from other vendors I have had to add a little capacitance in the horizontal output section to bring the high voltage down slightly. Also readjust the trip point of the HV shutdown. Don’t know about these yet.

  10. Theodore Lynn (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered many parts from here. My recent purchase of this flyback was flawless. Fast shipping, quality parts.

  11. Jonathon Lanza (verified owner)

    Fit perfected on the board and fixed my Focus problem. With this fly back, you can remove the random black wire that is wrapped around old fly back if you have one installed. I will order all my parts from this website in the future, great support, good prices. Very easy to find what I need.

  12. Matt Baile (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t trust buying these parts from anywhere else. Top quality every time and unmatched support along with fast shipping – can’t beat it!

  13. jlester1024 (verified owner)

    Great quality! buy these, not the ebay flybacks, these will last you hopefully the next 20 to 25 years like your originals did.

  14. Tony (verified owner)

    Finally back in stock!!!
    Worked perfectly, amazing focus quality super happy, you guys rock!!

  15. Infa Red (verified owner)

    Back in stock ! And loving it. Thanks for such stringent testing too. Thats why I only buy from here.

  16. Tom Johnson

    So far so good. It fit well and has sharp focus and brightness

  17. Mark (verified owner)

    worked like the original perfect picture .

  18. Jim (verified owner)

    Buying spares. I haven’t used one yet. I’m sure they are good as everything else from you has been.

  19. Eric Debrecht (verified owner)

    Good Flybacks. Super Fast Shipping. Great Seller.

  20. Rick Paravich

    Great hard to find flyback, seems like everyone is out of these according to a lot of people but this place has everything lol and this flyback works great, replaced a few in past months and no issues, just happy customers

  21. Jay Hall (verified owner)

    Great quality!

  22. loganbbrooks (verified owner)

    Good quality and price as always with APAR.

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