10K OHM Williams +5vdc Power Supply TRIMMER POTENTIOMETER (P1037)

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10K OHM Williams +5vdc Linear Power Supply TRIMMER POTENTIOMETER (P1037).

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10K OHM Williams +5vdc Linear Power Supply TRIMMER POTENTIOMETER (P1037).  We have tested many different pots and this Pot we have found to be the easiest for customers to modify the legs to fit the D8784, D-8784 and D8359, D-8359 williams power supplies at locations R25 and R2 to enable you to adjust the +5vdc on your williams games.  We will put a video on our site to show the best way to modify this pot for use on the williams power supplies.  1/2 Watt, 20% tolerance, 3/8″ round side adjust vertical mount pot.  NOTE:  Here is a video on how to install the pot modification on both the D8359 and D8784 power supplies.

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Weight .015625 lbs
Dimensions .75 × .5 × .5 in

7 reviews for 10K OHM Williams +5vdc Power Supply TRIMMER POTENTIOMETER (P1037)

  1. LuKa (verified owner)

    I’m glad I can now get more precise control over my Voltages. I purchased this as part of a rebuild and I didnt even know this was possible until I came across this product. Highly recommended.

  2. KurtNowak (verified owner)

    After bending the outer pins outward it fits perfectly where the resistor goes.

  3. Cysnake (verified owner)

    A really awesome feature to be able to perfectly dial in your +5v!

  4. AlexZander (verified owner)

    Thanks for providing this +5vdc adjustment potentiometer and the instructions/video on how to install. Doing a rebuild on a Williams Linear Power Supply for my Defender game.
    Thanks for providing a great source for parts!

  5. Hap (verified owner)

    Perfect for fine tuning the PS.

  6. Oldworldman (verified owner)

    Perfect for making the 5 Volts on Williams linear power supplies adjustable! How awesome is that? A++++

  7. James Curran (verified owner)

    My Stargate was rebooting randomly. This pot allowed me to up the 5V so it stopped rebooting and works fine now! Highly recommend this mod. There is a great Youtube video on how to install.

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