MUR4100 (2 Piece Package) (D1010)

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MUR4100EG 4A 1000V Ultrafast Rectifier Diode 267 Package.

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MUR4100EG 4A 1000V Ultrafast Rectifier Diode 267 Package (D1010).  SWITCHMODE Power Rectifiers Ultrafast “E’’ Series with High Reverse Energy Capability, these state−of−the−art devices are designed for use in switching power supplies, inverters and as free wheeling diodes.  20 mJ Avalanche Energy Guaranteed, Excellent Protection Against Voltage Transients in Switching Inductive Load Circuits, Ultrafast 75 Nanosecond Recovery Time, 175°C Operating Junction Temperature, Low Forward Voltage, Low Leakage Current, High Temperature Glass Passivated Junction, Reverse Voltage to 1000 V.  This diode is higher rated and can replace any of the following diodes MUR480EG, MUR490EG, MUR2100E, MUR2100EG, FUF5400, FUF5401,  FUF5402, FUF5403,  FUF5404, FUF5405, FUF5406, FUF5407, FUF5408, 30DF1, 30DF2, 30DF4, 30DF6, UF205, UF206, UF207, BYW95A, BYW95B, BYW95C, BYW96D, BYW96E, MR850, MR851, MR852,
MR854, MR856, MR850G, MR851G, MR852G, MR854G, MR856G, MR850RL, MR851RL, MR852RL, MR854RL, MR856RL, MR850RLG, MR851RLG, MR852RLG, MR854RLG and MR856RLG which is used in Electrohome G07 chassis at D101, D102, D103 and D506 and RGP10J diodes in Astec power supplies, Wells Gardner K6100 high voltage PCB at D901 and D902 and Hantarex Polo at D135 and anywhere else you need this type of diode.  The MUR4100E is used in many arcade monitor applications and also the Wells Gardner U2000 and U5000 power supply upgrade kit S04E0000-000F.  For every quantity of 1 added to your cart you will receive 2 diodes.

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Weight .015625 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × .375 × .25 in

2 reviews for MUR4100 (2 Piece Package) (D1010)

  1. delusional29 (verified owner)

    Got this to have on hand as a replacement part on my G07 and 6100 monitors. Quality part!

  2. John Hopper (verified owner)

    Great replacement for the fast diodes in the 6100 HV cage and many other monitors and power supplies.

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