Nanao MS9-29 Series Monitor Cap Kit 105C Nichicon

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Nanao MS9-29A and others in the Series Monitor Cap Kit 105C 100% Nichicon Capacitors.  “Mega Deluxe Kits”  42 Capacitors included in kit with great instructions.

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Nanao MS9-29A (Chassis 05A00675C1 / 05A00675C2 Neckboard 05B00950C1) and others in the Series arcade Monitor Cap Kit 105C 100% Nichicon Capacitors.  “Mega Deluxe Cap Kits”  Our kits have some of the BEST quality, low ESR, and longest life capacitors included.  This kit should work for the MS9-29S and the MS9-29T.  All of our Cap Kits / Get Well Kits include a sticker so you can place it on the monitor to help you keep track of the work you did and when it was done.  42 Capacitors included in the kit which includes 1 Bi-Polar capacitor and with great instructions.  NOTE: Filter cap for this chassis is a 1000uf 200v at location C911 with 10mm lead spacing and must be 30mm diameter or smaller and is not included in kit but can be purchased separately on our site.

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Weight .375 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

8 reviews for Nanao MS9-29 Series Monitor Cap Kit 105C Nichicon

  1. Eric Miller (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t have been able to use my new Nanao ms9-29 without this cap kit, thank you for saving another monitor for me 🙂

  2. Cesar Soto (verified owner)

    Just recapped my M929 that was suffering from a vertical issue where the left side of the screen would fully fill up right away (it would take a couple of minutes for the left side of the screen to fill out). Also replaced the filter cap wit a replacement from this site.

    My monitor’s picture looks better than ever! Bright, sharp, centered, full, and colorful! No more vertical issue! Great instructions help me get the job done!.This was my first attempt at recapping a monitor and I’m glad I did it!

  3. Erik (verified owner)

    Excellent Kit! recapped my MS9-29 and the picture is great! Took me a while to do. So many caps! This is a great value not having to piece them together myself.

  4. spongernz (verified owner)

    Great kit and fantastic pre sales and follow up service from Peter. I’ve done 7 monitors with kits from the site and every time the kits have been on point and the results great!

  5. Travis Shipley (verified owner)

    This kit was everything I needed. Excellent service.

  6. Simon W (verified owner)

    Another excellent kit. Thank you!

  7. Delex Ltda. (verified owner)

    Excellent Kit, I have saved 2 Nanao Chasis, after the recap it looks like a brand new chasis with great picture!!!

    The only one comment is I need an extra 1uf@50v cap.


  8. Jeff (verified owner)

    Great kit, fast shipping!

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