0.022uF 50V MLCC Axial Capacitor (MC1071)


0.022uF 50V 10% tolerance MLCC Axial Capacitor (22nF) (22000pF) (MC1071).

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0.022uF 50V 10% tolerance MLCC Axial Capacitor (MC1071) (22nF) (22000pF).  Conformally Coated, X7R Dielectric Aximax conformally coated axial leaded ceramic disc capacitors in X7R dielectric feature a 125°C maximum operating temperature and Flame Retardant Epoxy Coating.  These are used on many arcade and pinball PCBs and also these caps are found in many other applications that require this value, including Decoupling/coupling applications.

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Weight .015625 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × .0625 × .0625 in


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