Monitor Isolation Transformer 120V Output

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Arcade CRT monitor isolation transformer with 120VAC output and 120VAC input 60Hz, 100VA.

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Arcade CRT monitor isolation transformer with 120VAC output and 120VAC input 60Hz, 100VA.  These have color coded wires for the input and output to make for easy installation and with wire leads that you can install a connector and plug them into your harness quickly.  These can be used with all monitors that require 120VAC even if your monitor doesn’t require an isolation transformer.

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Weight 3.0625 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5.5 × 5.5 in

18 reviews for Monitor Isolation Transformer 120V Output

  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    These seem to be difficult to find and this worked perfectly for a replacement where your iso transformer is shot. I also use the step-down transformer which works great.

  2. Kevin R (verified owner)

    Parts from these guys are higher quality than found elsewhere. I also ordered an iso transformer from ebay which was the same price… however the one from Arcade Parts and Repair is MUCH better made. I know there isn’t much to a transformer but, for example, the one from here has leads soldered on, has a better built case, has more mounting points, and has a lower profile.

  3. grinwing (verified owner)

    Just the part I needed to finish my game! Simple well labeled instructions. Smaller package size than the existing one in the game. Nice length on the leads for connecting to your existing wiring.

  4. Craig Baker (verified owner)

    Good quality replacement transformer. I used mine as a bench test rig to power up monitors after installing cap kits. Pair this with the TPG and no need to keep pulling your monitor in and out of the cab.

  5. Peter (verified owner)

    Works as described. Good solution for what was needed.

  6. Brett (verified owner)

    High quality part as always. Some of the best products around are found here.

  7. 64b1t (verified owner)

    Works as described, used to build bench test station for my monitors.

  8. Matt Baile (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased a handful of these to replace the isolation transformer in cabinets and to use on my test station. Great, solid product!

  9. J.Reinhold (verified owner)

    Works phenomenally, I converted a busted Model 3 cab to JAMMA, and this transformer even works with the tri-sync monitor, great solid product.

  10. Brian Harms (verified owner)

    Had a nasty hum with old transformer. New on fixed hum and some weird screen anomalies.
    Very satisfied!

  11. JAMES XAVIER (verified owner)

    Perfect replacement, thank you!!

  12. Yasha Neparko (verified owner)

    Used this to restore safe operation of the 13″ G07 FBO in our Defender cocktail. Good quality, wire color / function marked on the case, and super fast shipping.

  13. Josh (verified owner)

    Looks snd works as should not the first I’ve gotten won’t be the last. Great item

  14. Justin Bergfield (verified owner)

    Worked great for my test box. Thanks!

  15. Robert Hassard (verified owner)

    Needed a bench test transformer and this was the best price I could find. Quality is top notch and works great. came packaged well and super fast shipping.

  16. Peter Negron (verified owner)

    Used it to bring back a Frogger that had the ISO removed. Great Price and Quality Product!

  17. Jon S (verified owner)

    Good quality, easy to use, and great service and support. If you are looking for a good isolation transformer for an arcade monitor, this is the one to get.

  18. jhend1000 (verified owner)

    Great quality isolation transformer! Perfect for bench-testing older arcade monitors like G07s, K4600s, etc.

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