Williams PCB Momentary Reset Switch (SW1011)

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Williams CPU PCB Momentary Reset Switch (SW1011).

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Williams CPU PCB Momentary Reset Switch (SW1011).  This is an exact replacement for the original 6-Pin Williams push button DPDT Momentary switch 5641-09312-00 used on most every williams arcade and pinball game with this part number switch.  This switch is used on many Williams and Midway service / test switches on arcade and pinball coin door button switches and also commonly found on Stern, Sega, Williams, Midway, Bally and many other games.  Some reference numbers and accessory part numbers are: 5641-09312-00, A-13115, 27-1008, 27-10008, 5641-12724-00, 180-5012-03, 500-6056-03, A-16033, 5641-09369-00, 4004-01005-06, 03-7601-4 and 03-7601-7.

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1 review for Williams PCB Momentary Reset Switch (SW1011)

  1. CharlieG (verified owner)

    Worked great to replace the busted original on my Williams sound board.

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