Interlock Memory Protect Switch (SW1013)

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Interlock Memory Protect Switch for your Arcade and Pinball cabinets (SW1013).

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Interlock Memory Protect Switch for your Arcade and Pinball cabinets (SW1013).  Snap-in Panel Mount Basic Switches.  Chilong SPDT switch with solder tabs or connect using the .187 quick connect terminals.  Pull-to-cheat operates normally as a momentary action switch. However, by pulling the finger grip plunger beyond the normal free position, a maintained-on position is achieved mainly for service access.  Fits a mounting bracket with rectangular opening measuring 1-3/16 x 5/8 inch, with rating: 0.10 A, 125VAC.  This replaces the Cherry 180-5000-00 / 27-1111 switches and is found in many arcade and pinball games as lockout switch on coin doors / cash boxes which basically write protects the cmos ram for games such as: Williams Joust, Robotron, Defender, Stargate, Bubbles, Moon Patrol at IJ2 connector and many others, Data East Pinball games such as BACK TO THE FUTURE, BATMAN, GUNS N ROSES, JURASSIC PARK, LAST ACTION HERO, LETHAL WEAPON 3, SIMPSONS (Data East), STAR WARS (Data East), TALES FROM THE CRYPT, TOMMY, Willliams Pinball games such as LOVE BUG (DOODLE BUG, DIPSY DOODLE), BAD CATS, BLACK KNIGHT 2000, DINER, JOKERZ, POLICE FORCE, ROLLERGAMES, WHIRLWIND and Stern Pinball games such as MONOPOLY Pinball and many other games.

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Weight .0625 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.25 × .75 in

3 reviews for Interlock Memory Protect Switch (SW1013)

  1. William S Vandyke (verified owner)

    Works as expected

  2. Jeremy Reichmanner (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for my robotron cabinet. Thanks again!!

  3. Robert Balouskus (verified owner)

    This is the 3 position switch you want to be able to work on a powered up machine with the door open!
    Snaps right into an orignal bracket.

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