6/32 Nylon Self Threading Lock Nut (MP1035)

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6/32 Nylon Self Threading Lock Nut (MP1035).

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6/32 Nylon Self Threading Lock Nut (MP1035) with outside diameter of 0.305 and 0.200 height.  This is 100% nylon so its non-conductive and used commonly on mounting transistors to heat sinks on many applications including Atari AR boards and others.  We stock the Fully Nylon screw for this nut if you need and its MP1036 on our site.

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Weight .015625 lbs
Dimensions .375 × .375 × .25 in

1 review for 6/32 Nylon Self Threading Lock Nut (MP1035)

  1. Michel Korwin-Szymanowski (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, the “self-threading” feature does not work well. You have to press the nut hard against the screw threads before it actually engages and screws in – impossible to do in tight areas, and once they are screwed together, the will not come apart. The only way to remove the screw afterwards is to cut the head off. Ultimately, since the screw itself is nylon and non-conducting, I plan to use a regular metal nut instead since there is no contact with the transistor, and no risk of shorting.

    • security0001

      they have their purpose but not intended to be used on the k7000 HOT especially in the tight areas and since they are self threading they do work well after one install but if in a tight area i recommend threading to screw prior to install will make the tight areas easier to work in.

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